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Aurora Exterior Painting

292 Main St Suite K
Northborough MA 01532 United States

Quality Control: Aurora and Their Services

December 29, 2015
Founded in 2004 by business partners Marc Ferlo and Alexi Bobolia, Aurora Exterior Painting is a company that brings significant experience to the table for their customers. It is a company which, just as the name implies, specializes in painting home exteriors—in Massachusetts specifically. This is a major need in Massachusetts, which is why Ferlo and Bobolia founded the company to begin with. Since being established, Aurora Exterior Painting has grown steadily for more than a decade, hiring new staffers to help them to keep up with the considerable demand. However, they have established quality control measures, ensuring every new hire going through a training period to ensure that they know what they are doing, not only in regard to painting, but also to customer interaction as well.

If you own a home in Massachusetts, it should be painted every few years. The environment in the state is pretty harsh on exterior paint and painting more frequently can not only protect the home physically, but also protect its value. This does not mean a full painting of the home is required yearly, or anything of the sort, but if paint is peeling or fading, it might be time to at least get into contact with Aurora Exterior Painting. This is true of homes in Massachusetts, regardless of their size, paint color, or style.